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Thank you Sekkingstad


Sekkingstad AS is a family company founded in 1923. It has a long history (over 90 years) and strong roots within the production, sales and marketing of seafood. It is the leading supplier of high quality Norwegian salmon and trout (fish).
The comapny is located outside Bergen, on the west coast of Norway.
Sekkingstad has been generous enough to donate 3 boreholes to 3 different communities namely Angaba, Lakwela and Alelele-Oilango (all in Northern Uganda)
Since one of the proprietors, Tina Sekkingstad, could not make the trip, the honour fell to former top executive and Board member, Georg Indrevik (former District 104 D Governor) to commission the 3 boreholes.
The communities showed their appreciation through music and dance as portrayed in the video clip from the Agaba ceremony.
Thank you Sekkingstad.

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