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Water and Sanitation

Donation Goal For This Project is $7,000
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Donation: USD 7000

Outcome: A sustainable safe water source (borehole) for a community to 400 to 800 people. The community takes care of preventive maintenance and repairs.

Benefit: Safe water, Reduction of water borne diseases, increased productivity.

Spice of Life (SoL) has been established to support both the Government and other partners in a meaningful, respectful and participatory way to improve the eye health of the population of Uganda using a multi-sectoral approach.
This is in keeping with the major challenges facing the eye care programme in Uganda, including the high prevalence of blindness (estimated to be 1%). Emphasis will be placed on disease control (cataract and trachoma) and human resource development for eye health.

Further intervention is in related sectors as water and sanitation and education. This is because about 35% of the population of Uganda lacks access to safe and clean water. This exposes them to water-borne diseases with dire consequences including lost productive and mortality.

In the area of education, focus is on orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) who would otherwise not have opportunity to access quality education which is the key that can open their possibilities and the future. Two approaches are used. Sponsoring children in exisitng schools and / or building and furnishing schools in hard to reach areas.