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Christopher Knag

Christopher Knag

My name is Christopher Knag.  I have been Lions in Norway for 32 years. I am now a lions’ member in Kampala Uganda. I have thru my long lions’ history known David and the work he has done. I got to know David Mutayisa personally in beginning of the year 2000 and have worked with him in different Projects and youth activities.

I feel I know him well so it was no problem for me to recommend him when I got questions from Kjersti Werner (Headteacher at Fjeldsdalen School) to help them get a contact in Uganda to build a school in Uganda Gulu area.  And it was also a pleasure for me to recommend David when Kristi Oden came and asked me if Apeltun School also could use David with their dreams of building a school in Uganda Northern region.

I have in the last years been working with different projects privately and together with friends from Norway and Lions of Uganda, projects David is involved in.

It is with pride I will recommend David to any organisation or private persons who want to donate to any project in Uganda