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Do you know How Important Clean Water Is?

Clean water is a basic need for human life, and for many of us it is not something that requires a lot of thought or effort. However, for nearly 1 billion people worldwide, clean water is a rare commodity. These people don’t have access to the water they need for hydration, hygiene, and irrigation. The lack of such a vital resource impacts every aspect of their lives.

Do you know what the main contributor to scarcity of clean water is?

Contamination is a large contributor to the scarcity of clean water. In developing countries, industrialization, urbanization, and population growth create a greater need for clean water. However, the resulting usage and pollution from garbage, chemicals, and manufacturing waste contribute to the shortage of its availability. In some countries, lack of filtration for natural bacteria in water and deficient sanitation for human waste can lead to toxic pollution of water sources. Some communities are not educated on the topic of pollution, or have no alternative water source, and are left to rely on contaminated water.

What is another main reason for water scarcity?

Current water source for People and animals in Buswikira

Current water source for People and animals in Buswikira

For other communities, the main obstacle is the distance of the water source. People must trek miles from their homes to find a water source; this journey takes hours, leaving little to no time for education or work. Many times, the issues of contamination and distance are combined, and people end up going the distance to bring home dirty water, which may be their only option. Growing crops and caring for livestock are necessary to provide for many people, but they each require large quantities of water. Around the world, struggles for water pose threats to people’s health and well being, and ensuring access to safe water is a foundational step in improving their lives.

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