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Appreciation Letter from Emmanuel Ofumbi

Appreciation Letter from Emmanuel Ofumbi

Dear Sir,

Allow me on behalf of my village Papoli to register our sincere appreciation to you and your organization for drilling us a much needed bore hole well. This well is located in Malawa “B” village of Papoli parish in Magola sub county, Tororo.

This well has gone along way in improving community access to clean and reliable water that has been a major challenge and a burden to women and girl children !.

Our small community organization ( Papoli community Development Foundation) has facilitated community members to form a water user committee whose responsibilities include maintaining the bore hole site clean, collecting a nominal use fee of ugx;500/ per family per month that may cater for any future repair costs.

As we sincerely thank you for this great gift, we are also saying that the need is not small and should there be any other opportunities, then do not hesitate to include us.

Thank you again and regards to all who were instrumental in this great “Gift of Life”.


Emmanuel Ofumbi