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School Library

School Library

0% Donated/$14,000 To Go
Donation: USD 14,000 Outcome: School library with furnish and Vita Text Books, Story books and other reference materials Benefit: Better learning environment...
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Disaster and Relief

0% Donated/$20 To Go
DISASTER AND RELIEF Almost twice annually there is a disaster of catastrophe proportions in Uganda. It either takes the form of landslides,...
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Child Sponsorship

0% Donated/$500 To Go
CHILD SPONSORSHIP Donation: USD 500 Outcome: One child in school for a WHOLE YEAR Benefit: Better Citizen of the world
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School Construction

0% Donated/$103,000 To Go
Donation: USD 13,200 Outcome: A classroom constructed and furnished Benefit: Better learning environment for up to 48 children in poor communities, annually....
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Water and Sanitation

0% Donated/$7,000 To Go
Donation: USD 7000 Outcome: A sustainable safe water source (borehole) for a community to 400 to 800 people. The community takes care...
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Sanitation in Schools

0% Donated/$30,000 To Go
To say that managing a primary school in a rural setting in Uganda is a challenge is probably to understate. So spare a thought for Christine because as if she did have enough on her plate (of challenges) she reported to school one early ready for work only to find that the only pit latrine (toilet) block the school used had collapsed!
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