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“That’s My Sad Story! The Triple Tragedy Of Early Motherhood, Widowhood And Hydrocephalus

The Community of Wera and an insitution-Children's Hope Chest have reasons to smile.

Some of the Recent Completed Projects

Our Mission;  Transforming lives in a respectful, meaningful and participatory manner. HOW TO WE WORK The Overarching Principles of Our Interventions are: Engagement Partnership Ownership Sustainability We believe that our interventions are occasioned by a temporary failure in the normal delivery system. Consequently, that, we are called upon to offer

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Nabirama - Busedde borehole

Safe Water for 5 communities in Eastern Uganda

Drilling of 5 boreholes for the Nabirama in Busedde, Buswikira, Bugono, Kakira (Kinyoro-Kiteso) and Malawa (Papoli) communities in Eastern Uganda which commenced early this year has been completed and the communities are for the first time enjoying safe water. Commissioning is slated for mid-September. We are once again grateful to

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